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    What meals are supplied?
    Most of our tours are self catered. We leave it to you to choose your own budget and dietary preferences. There are plenty of places along route the buy your own meals, and to restock your supples.

    Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea is supplied by us on all ride days, and Evening Meals are included on the nights we spend in Bush Camps.

    If you decide to eat in camp for any meals, we provide:
    * Individual food boxes
    * Refrigerator/freezer
    * Crockery, cutlery
    * Cooking equipment

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    What about laundry?
    Caravan Parks have laundry facilities. We will have rest days every 4 to 6 days when this can be done.
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    What about toilets?
    There are toilet facilities available at most rest areas and stops along the way.
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    How far do we cycle every day?
    Distance will be as itinerary. Days will be split up to manageable parts, i.e. 50km to 60km depending on length of day and terrain.
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    What if I can't finish the day's ride?
    We expect you have trained enough to be able to complete each day. However if the situation arises we have a support vehicle to follow at the rear and will pick you and your bike, and drive you to the evening camp.
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    What about accommodation?
    This is an adventure holiday so camping will be the main accommodation. We have upgrades to safari tents, motel, cabins and hotels on some rides [see itinerary]. Although if you wish to upgrade at any other time you can do so at your own expense.
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    What about road trains?
    Most have CB radios and are usually aware of cyclists on the road. They are very courteous, and give you plenty of room. However they are very big and are difficult to manoeuvre so it would be advisable to pull over and let them pass without incident.
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    What about the weather?
    Our tours have been timed to take advantage of favourable weather conditions. But Mother Nature is unpredictable so some days we may have head winds and or rain. Temperatures will be from 0 deg to 30 deg. A good quality sleeping bag would be advisable. A good night’s sleep is important.
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    Do I need to carry anything on my bike?
    We suggest you carry 2 full water bottles, spare tube, tyre levers, multi tool, and your personal goods such as camera, wallet and rain gear if it’s threatening. We transport your luggage and extra water.
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    What sort of bike should I ride?
    Comfort is the main factor road bike, tourer or mountain bike if fitted with narrow tyres
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    What’s not included in the price?
    • Air fares to and from the ride city.
    • Accommodation before and after the ride.
    • Personal accident insurance.
    • Bike parts and major repairs.
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    Do I need insurance?
    Travel insurance is recommended to cover such things as lost deposits, lost or stolen gear. There may be many reasons why a cyclist may have to withdraw from the ride- injury, health, weddings, business, personal, and more. Cancelation fees can be a major financial loss to you and a small business. We need to adhere to our cancelation policies.
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