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Darwin to Broome Cycle Tour

1st June till 22nd June 2019

18 days cycling with 4 rest days = 22 days total.
Distance = 1982 Kilometres
Average 110 Klm’s per day.
Price $2826
Cycle Tours Western Australia
From Darwin we head down to Katherine, where you can take a boat cruise up the Katherine River through the sheer cliffs of the gorge. View ancient aboriginal rock paintings high on the rock faces.
From here we journey to Lake Argyle. Australia’s second largest lake normally has a surface area of 1000 square kilometres. Here you can swim, take a cruise on the lake or see it from the air in a helicopter.
As we head west, the road travels through beautiful red and rugged escarpments cross large, dry river beds. Boab trees become more and more prominent. We will stop at one of Australia’s largest boab trees. As we celebrate our arrival in Broome, our first view of the Indian Ocean dictates that you should have your cameras at the ready. It is the home to some of Australia’s most beautiful sunsets.
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Day Date Leg Distance Accommodation
1 1/6/19 Darwin to Adelaide River 113 Caravan Park
2 2/6/19 Adelaide River to Pine Creek 113 Caravan Park
3 3/6/19 Pine Creek to Katherine 91 Caravan Park
4 4/6/19 Rest Day 0 -
5 5/6/19 Katherine to Bush Camp 110 Bush Camp
6 6/6/19 Bush Camp to Victoria River 92 Road House
7 7/6/19 Victoria River to Timber Creek 85 Road House
8 8/6/19 Timber Creek to Bush Camp 117 Bush Camp
9 9/6/19 Bush Camp to Lake Argyle 115 Caravan Park
10 10/6/19 Rest Day 0 -
11 11/6/19 Lake Argyle to Kununurra 70 Caravan Park
12 12/6/19 Rest Day 0 -
13 13/6/19 Kununurra to Doon Doon 110 Road House
14 14/6/19 Doon Doon to Spring Creek Rest Area 157 Bush Camp
15 15/6/19 Spring Creek Rest Area to Halls Creek 108 Caravan Park
16 16/6/19 Halls Creek to Mary Pools Rest Area 108 Bush Camp
17 17/6/19 Mary Pools Rest Area to Fitzroy Crossing 187 Lodge and Caravan Park
18 18/6/19 Rest Day 0 -
19 19/6/19 Fitzroy Crossing to Bush Camp 87 Bush Camp
20 20/6/19 Bush Camp to Willare 146 Road House
21 21/6/19 Willare to Roebuck 135 Road House
22 22/6/19 Roebuck to Broome 38 Caravan Park