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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for all stages of our Rides:

The organiser of the events is Pedal Away Cycle Tours, ABN: 38 300 985 050, herein referred to as “the organiser”.

Inclusive in price.
  • Camping accommodation. If riders wish to upgrade their accommodation they may do so at their own expense.
  • Morning & afternoon tea supplies.
  • Evening meals at bush camps.
  • Support van and trailer.
  • All gear carried in vehicle up to 20 kgs per rider. (15 kgs for clothing and 5 kgs for camping equipment.)
  • One emergency bicycle. Limited bicycle spares. Bicycle repair tools.

You must supply.
  • Bike and camping equipment.
  • Bicycle spares (tube, tyre, cable, tube repair kit)
  • Adequate travel insurance.
  • Multi tool
  • Patch kit and spare tyre, 2 tubes, spare cables, spokes and nipples.
  • Bike lock & pump
  • HELMET- must be worn in Australia whilst riding.
  • Minimum of 2 water bottles.
  • Tent - no bigger than 2-3 man tents.
  • Sleeping mat (self inflating) & sleeping bag
  • Insect repellent & sunscreen
  • Clothing & toiletries
  • All bicycles must be fitted with a mirror or helmet mirror.

Clothing to be contained in one bag and camping equipment may be loose in separate bags. If using panniers, no more than two will be carried in vehicle. No bicycle boxes, bags or cases will be carried by the organisers.

From past experience, riders do tend to bring more equipment than they need. As we are limited for room, it is important that you keep equipment to a minimum. The organisers will only carry a maximum of 20 kgs per rider and we suggest 15 kgs clothing and 5 kgs camping equipment. This does not include your bicycle.

Safety Recommendations
Riders MUST have:
  • Efficient front and rear lighting which MUST be switched on in conditions of poor visibility.
  • Bright coloured clothing & bike helmet must be worn at all times whilst cycling.
  • A reflective vest is highly recommended.
  • Riders must ensure they remain hydrated at all times and ride in single file.
  • Riders must be aware that road trains, up to 52 metres in length use these highways and it is recommended that riders must take necessary precautions to ensure their own safety.
  • Safety mirrors - no mirror, no riding.
  • All bicycles should be in first-rate mechanical order. If the bike is over 5 years old, all cables should be replaced prior to departure. This is not too expensive, but can be if left unattended. Worn chains and cassettes & brake blocks should also be replaced. Book in to your local bike shop for last minute maintenance. A limited supply of spares are available & spare bike carried in the event of a total breakdown.
  • At the discretion of Pedal Away the route/direction/distance may be altered according to weather & road conditions.
Health and Fitness Requirements
  • Riders must be at least 18 years or older on the day of commencement of the ride.
  • Participants must be in good health and physical condition.The ride generally goes through remote areas where there is little or no access to normal medical services or hospital facilities for serious problems. Where necessary, evacuation can be prolonged, difficult and costly. Medical and evacuation expenses will be the responsibility of the participant.
  • The organiser reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to refuse a participant the right to participate in the ride on medical or fitness grounds.

Medical disclosure
You declare and warrant that:
  • you are in good health with mental and physical fitness at the time of registering for this ride.
  • you have disclosed to Pedal Away every matter concerning your health and mental and physical fitness of which you are aware, or ought reasonably be expected to know, which is relevant to Pedal Away’s decision to permit you to go on the ride.
  • immediately upon any adverse change in your health or fitness you will notify Pedal Away in writing of any such adverse change.

Code of Conduct
  1. The entry fee will be refunded if the rider is unable to participate in the Cycle Tour due to death or hospitalisation prior to the commencement of the ride.
  2. Should an entrant cancel his/her entry before the commencement of the Cycle Tour, he/she may be entitled to a refund of the entry fee subject to deduction of a reasonable cancellation fee.
    Less than 14 days prior to commencement- no refund.
    14 - 21 days prior to commencement- 33 % refund
    21 - 45 days prior to commencement- 50 % refund.
  3. The Cycle Tour will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. In this event, entry fees are not refundable.
  4. Riders consent to the use of all photographic or video material (may include internet) pertaining to their participation in the Cycle Tour made by the organisers or their assignees during any activity deemed to be part of the Cycle Tour at any time in the present or future.
  5. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any person’s participation on the ride due to safety reasons and inappropriate behaviour towards other riders or the organisers. In that event the person’s entry fee will be refunded at the discretion of the organiser.
  6. Every rider shall ride carefully and with due regard to the safety of other cyclists and other road users.
  7. Every rider shall wear a bicycle helmet with the strap securely fastened under his/her chin.
  8. Every rider must have a workable mirror, either attached to a helmet or the bike at all times throughout the tour.
  9. A rider may use a personal music system, e.g. iPod, but must have it at a volume where they are able to hear the traffic and be aware of their surrounds.
  10. A rider shall not use foul or offensive language or make offensive, indecent or inappropriate gestures.
  11. A rider shall not dispose of any litter along the Cycle Tour course except in refuse bins.
  12. A rider shall provide reasonable assistance to any other rider involved in an accident or breakdown while participating in the Cycle Tour.
  13. Any reasonable medical or emergency evacuation costs incurred on behalf of a rider by the Cycle Tour will be for the cost of the rider.
  14. Each rider acknowledges the risks and hazards, which exist in an event of this nature.
  15. Each rider attends, enters and/or participates in the event entirely at his/ her own risk.
  16. Each rider is obliged to strictly adhere to all applicable rules, directives and instructions of the organisers.
  17. Each rider must adhere to the appointed camping area allocated to the cycle tour and if they choose to camp out of this area, they will incur all extra costs this behaviour may incur.

Persons entering any Pedal Away Cycle Tour must agree to the following:
  1. I understand that cycling on public roads is a potentially hazardous activity.
  2. I attest that I am physically fit, and that my bike will be in a sound mechanical order prior to undertaking the event.
  3. During this event I agree to wear a cycling helmet, abide by the directions of police and ride organisers and ride with care and consideration of others on the road. I will obey all Australian Road Rules.
  4. I release Pedal Away Cycle Tours, its owners and agents from all claims for injury, loss or damage of whatever kind I might suffer as a result of any acts or omissions whether negligent or otherwise of Pedal Away Cycle Tours, its owners or agents in relation to the event.
  5. I also accept responsibility and release Pedal Away Cycle Tours from all liability for claims for damages for injury loss or damage of whatsoever kind by any other person or corporation as a result of any act of omission whether negligent or otherwise on my part.
  6. I have also read, understood, and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  7. I have read and understood the Safety Recommendations suggested by Pedal Away Cycle Tours, and will adhere to them. I acknowledge having read this Waiver Agreement, fully understood it’s terms, and sign freely and voluntarily without any inducement.